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 everyday work and

the market structure as well as

 everyday income

Who we are (About Us)

TaskXender is a Job and service connection management platform with the main aim of establishing connections and providing opportunities of making extra income to millions of Nigerians and soon globally.

TaskXender is for employers and applicants. It allows employers to post a job or jobs and applicants find and apply for a job or jobs. It allows applicant to post (host) Resume (Curriculum vitae) and allows employers to Browse resume (CV) and contact applicants. The platform allows hosting of Auctions and biddings of jobs and services by allowing employers to host Auctions of jobs/services and applicants (freelancers) bid on it. The platform allows employers to also book through TaskXender and the amazing aspect of it is the affiliate and social marketing allows people to make money daily from anywhere and at any time.

TaskXender is an initial marketplace where interested participants are with the opportunity of earning reasonable income online and offline which is for everyone, one every device,  every part of the world and mostly use by employers and applicants (freelancers) which are students, fresh graduates, undergraduates, jobseekers and others.

We are TaskXender, you are TaskXender, we are committed toward a positive change in market industry by fostering skills over certification and enhancing getting jobs/services done at ones pace.

Join us

To evolunize the present and future of work and

source of income.

The future starts now.

The effort of TaskXender has brought it to a place most unicorn as never been nor seen, the verge of profitability.

Our Mission

To achieve an initial marketplace and Job and services management network platform where connections of job and services opportunities are found and foster a market place where skills are recognized over certification.

We are working towards a positive change in the market industry by providing opportunities to people (Employers and applicants or Freelancers) especially students, undergraduates, and job seeker to earn reasonably from anywhere, at any time and anyplace at their own pace (even while schooling) by connecting with others in their community and far away.

To reduce the rate of unemployment to the lowest minimal by allowing everybody to make money on daily basis through a platform where security and reliability is the soul of business.

Our vision

To ensure TaskXender become the topmost recognize and most use marketplace where buyers (Employers) meets sellers (Applicants and Freelancers) of jobs and services to transact business in a safe, convenient and reliable platform.

To revolutionize the market structure, everyday job, service and income in a way that favors who want to earn reasonable income at their own pace


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